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Internet—suggest to use internet from China Unicom, which is the best one in Beijing. It’s RMB168 per month generally, RMB1680 per year. There is internet access in each apartment/house, just apply to open it.

Telephone—could be open together with internet. It’s possible to call oversea call, by dialing discount numbers it’s much cheaper, around RMB1 per minute.

TV—here it’s Gehua TV generally, only Chinese channels. However it’s possible to see international channels when opening satellite TV channel, which is operated from management office.

Utility WRT Housing 

There is water (cold water, hot water), gas, electricity to be paid when you are living in the apartment/house. Cold water is RMB4 per ton, hot water is RMB24 per ton, gas is RMB2.28 per cubic meter, electricity is RMB0.5 per degree. Generally RMB600 per month is enough for a 2br apartment, RMB800 for 3br, RMB1100 for 4br, RMB1500 for bigger apartment/house.

Furnishing and Equipment

Most of the apartments and houses are fully furnished/equipped, at least partial. There are empty/unfurnished apartments/houses in new compounds. If the apartment/house is just available with unfurnished, and you are bringing your own furniture, the rental could be less for RMB2000-6000.

Apartments/houses are generally fully furnished with sets of sofa, coffee table, dining table and chairs, beds, besides tables, wardrobes, study desk and chair, curtains with shadow, TV set, washer and dryer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, water dispenser.

Public Transportation


There are lots of domestic and international flights flying from/to Beijing Capital International Airport every day.

Beijing Capital International Airport

24hour service hotlineinner city call):010-96158

 · Email:

Airport Bus

 · 010-64594375/76

Parking lot telephone number

 · No. 1 Parking lot010-64540814

 ·No. 2 Parking lot010-64595535

 ·No. 3 Parking lot010-64558552

Airport taxi arrangement

 · Terminal 1Terminal 2010-64596539

 · Terminal 364559992

Airport subway

 · 010-68345678

Temporary certificate for taking flight

 · Terminal 1010-64597459

 · Terminal 2010-64597459

 · Terminal 3010-64530015

Lost and found office

 · Terminal 1010-64598333

 · Terminal 2010-64598333

 · Terminal 3010-64530030

Medical SOS station

 · Terminal 1010-64540999

 · Terminal 2010-64591919

 · Terminal 3010-64530120

Air tickets authenticity testing

 · 4008158888

Custom hotline

 · 010-12360


As the railway hub of the nation, Beijing offers trains to most provincial capitals and neighboring cities. There are five train stations in Beijing, of which Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station are the most frequently used. Trains from Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan) travel to Baotou, northeast China, and Shanghai, with international trains to Moscow and Ulan Bator. Beijing Railway Station offers express trains to Harbin (8 hours), Tianjin (1.5 hours), Shanghai (10 hours), Shenyang (4 hours), Beidaihe (2 hours), Qinhuangdao (2 hours) and Changchun (6 hours). Beijing West Railway Station (Beijing Xi Zhan) has the reputation of the largest railway station in Asia, trains from Beijing West station travel to every province, most major and medium-sized cities and autonomous regions (excluding Hainan and Taiwan). In 2007, Beijing West Railway Station began to operate trains to Tibet (48 hours). Since 2006, Beijing South Station has been closed for renovation and will resume operations in August 2008. Beijing North Station offers trains that travel to neighboring provinces such as Hebei province and Inner Mongolia.

In April 2007, Beijing West Station and Beijing Station began to offer HST (High Speed Trains) that travel at record speeds. Destinations include Tianjin (from Beijing Zhan) and Shijiazhuang (from Beijing Xi Zhan).


Beijing Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京站
Address: NoA13, Maojiawan Hutong, Dongcheng District
Telephone: 86-10-51019999
Handling Trains: northern and coastal southern China



Beijing West Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京西站
Address: No.19, Guanglian Lu, Fengtai District
Telephone: 86-10-51824233
Handling Trains: South, Southwest and Northwest China



Beijing South Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京南站
Address: No.12, Yongdingmenwai, Chongwen District
Telephone: 86-10-51836272
Handling Trains: high-speed railways



Beijing East Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京东站
Address: No.7, Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang District
Telephone: 86-10-51835662
Handling Trains: high-speed railways



Beijing North Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京北站
Address:north Xizhimen subway station, xicheng district
Telephone: 86-10-51866223
Handling Trains: tourist and short-distance trains


There are more than 10 subway lines in Beijing, very convenient, but also crowded in rush time. The ticket price starts from RMB3 and calculating by distance.

There is an airport subway line from Sanyuanqiao to Airport directly, it takes 25minutes, the ticket price is RMB25, a good choice to airport.


You can hide a taxi in the street, but not so easily in rush hour. You could call 96106 to make arrangement with driver in advance. Or you can hike a taxi very easily by using DIDI software calling a taxi.(DIDI is an APP to call taxi )


There are lots of buses, easily to go to anywhere, crowded in rush time. You could make a bus card, easy to pay.